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Podiversary Roundtable PART 2 with Laura Stevens, Colin Stevens, Molly Barker and Barb Royal

We’re back with the roundtable and even MORE honest insights from parents on a variety of conversations they are having with their kids. Kathy is joined by former guests Molly Barker, Barb Royal, Laura Stevens and Colin Stevens to discuss topics including: racial identity, the power of word choice and providing kids with emotional stability.  […]
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Podiversary Roundtable with Laura Stevens, Colin Stevens, Molly Barker and Barb Royal

Wow, can you believe it? We’ve been in your podcast feeds for one year! To celebrate, we’ve invited a few of our favorite guests for a roundtable discussion on a variety of big issues parents and their children are dealing with. How do we talk to our kids about how to process their feelings in […]
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Supporting LGTBQ Youth with Barb Royal

*This episode originally aired in June of 2020* Today’s episode is dedicated to the LGBTQ community in celebration of Pride Month, which takes place throughout the month of June. Our guest is Barb Royal a mom, a wife, a woman, who is funny, raw and honest about her journey as a young gay person. It’s […]
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Talking to Your Kids About Social Media with Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run

Social media dominates so much of the conversation amongst our kids and their peers. It has effects on their self-esteem and self image that we’re just beginning to understand. How do we talk to our kids about it.  My guest today is the amazing Molly Barker, author, triathlete, and founder of Girls on the Run, an […]
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Blending Family with Rachel Pitts

Raising a child through a separation or divorce can be very difficult, not to mention the process of blending families as parents move on to new partners. On this episode Kathy is joined by Rachel Pitts, mom, real estate expert, divorcee and the co-host of the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast, a podcast […]

Preparing for School Re-Entry

As we return to some semblance of normal, the changes that will take place could be just as jarring as the initial changes 1 year ago. How do we talk to our kids about going back to school and how do we get them and ourselves ready for a new routine. Kathy gives you 3 […]

The Pandemic and Our Kids One Year Later

For people around the globe, the beginning of March 2021 represents a one year anniversary of when the COVID-19 pandemic became real and began to affect our lives. It wreaked havoc on the social, emotional and educational development of our children. Just how much havoc? That’s what were starting to learn from recently released studies […]

Diverse Bedtime Stories with Bunmi Emenanjo

Reading opens children’s minds to the new and the possible. It’s the perfect activity to introduce and educate them on different cultures. But what’s out there beyond the Suess and the Goose? Our guest today is Bunmi Emenanjo, founder of the Atlas Book Club, a subscription service that provides parents with books and resources that develop […]

The Journey to Stay Alive with Ginina Swift (Special Re-Broadcast)

Kathy speaks to Ginina Swift, the mother of 5 year old Caden, who was diagnosed with end stage renal failure during the first months of his life. Listen to this powerful story of the struggles her son endured, how no parents are prepared for such a challenge, the blessing of dedicated nurses and doctors that listen, […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand with Kenzie Confer

“You know parents are the same no matter time nor place. They don’t understand that us kids are going to make some mistakes. So to you, all the kids all across the land, there’s no need to argue. Parents just don’t understand” –Will Smith, Parents Just Don’t Understand.  When “How was your day?” doesn’t work anymore…how […]

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