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A Personal Update from Kathy

On a special edition of Dealing and Feeling, host Kathy Redwine journals her own family’s recent experience with COVID-19. Kathy digs deep into the many conflicting emotions that come with receiving a positive test, the isolation that follows, and a long road to recovery. Anxiety, disappointment, sadness, loneliness. These are feelings that thousands of families […]

Anxiety Part 3: What Not To Say (Re-Broadcast)

This episode originally aired August 13th, 2020. It features a special introduction from Kathy.  Welcome back to the third installment of the deep dive into the subject of anxiety. Today, Kathy and Gina Trimarco discuss how to best support those that are dealing with anxiety.  They go through the top things not to say, and that are […]

A Serious Black Hole with Max Stossel

A cell phone is a good way for kids to talk and text with friends, look up information for school, or watch some funny videos. But along with that, we are giving our kids a concentration robber, a perfectly designed self-comparison machine, and an unlimited pornography portal.  To break all that down, Kathy has invited […]

Sexual Healing with Jessa Zimmerman

ATTENTION! This episode is suitable for adults only.  Today’s guest is Jessa Zimmerman. She is a mental health counselor, certified sex therapist, and author of, ‘Sex Without Stress.’ Kathy and Jessa have an in depth conversation on the dynamic between sex and a healthy relationship, and vice versa.  They discuss intimacy, communication, differing sexual desire, […]

The Middle School Makeover with Michelle Icard

We all want our children to become the best adults they can be. But it doesn’t happen by chance. Your communication and parenting behavior when they are young makes the difference, and no time period is more important than the middle school years.  Today, Kathy welcomes Michelle Icard, Founder of Athena’s Path, and author of […]

Girlology with Trish Hutchison

“The talk.” Every parent is excited about it, right? If that doesn’t describe your feelings on the subject, today’s episode is one that you can’t miss. Kathy welcomes Trish Hutchison, co-founder of Girlology, the most comprehensive online resource for health education solutions for girls and parents. They cover subjects ranging from relationships, puberty, sexting, vaping, […]

The Redwine Family Hour Part 2

Welcome to the Redwine Family Hour Part 2! This week Kathy has brought back her entire family for more discussion and fun talking about real issues that kids, parents and families deal with.  Today the group talks about the amount of attention people give to their phones, and the impact that has on how they […]

The Redwine Family Hour Part 1

Today is a totally different type of show, and it’s one that is great to have your kids join in and listen to. This is the first of a two part series and Kathy’s guests today are even more special than usual, because they are her family! Her husband and children join in the conversation […]

Hurray Kimmay with Kimmay Caldwell

Today’s episode is unique and interesting because of the arc of the guest’s story. Kathy welcomes Kimmay Caldwell to the show. Her journey started as a bra-fitter in New York City, and she found that almost every woman she fit, had negative things to say about their body and themselves. And she realized that she […]

The Journey To Stay Alive with Ginina Swift

Today’s episode is a powerful and emotional one. Kathy speaks to Ginina Swift, a mother of a five year old son that was diagnosed with end stage renal failure during the first months of his life.  Kathy and Ginina talk about the struggles of her son’s first five years, how no parents are prepared for […]

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