"How to Deal with How I Feel" Coloring Book

“How to Deal With How I Feel” Coloring Book


Being a kid can be tough these days. Sometimes a creative outlet is just what your child needs to express their emotions. “How to Deal with How I Feel” is a coloring book that can be used by both kids and parents alike to explore emotional expression. 

The coloring book is based on an activity Kathy does with her young patients called “The Feelings Jar.”  

She created the book to help kids begin to understand how to effectively communicate what they are feeling and why they are feeling it. She based it on this simple formula:  

I Feel                   when                  because                 I need                 .

“How to Deal with How I Feel” provides:

  • A fun, interactive, non-threatening way for kids to explore and express their feelings..
  • Positive, healthy coping skills to manage challenging feelings.
  • An opportunity for families to discuss the contents of the book to encourage emotional expression.

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