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The Learning Connection with Jenn Crawford

Teaching our kids has never been more challenging than during this time of social distancing. But what might be viewed as a struggle, can also have positive impacts on our children. A silver lining you might say. Today, Kathy is joined by her good friend and long-time teacher Jenn Crawford to discuss both the challenges […]

Grief and Loss with Kiley Thiel

As adults, we know that death and loss is a part of life, but for children it can be a difficult concept to understand. Today Kathy is joined by her friend Kiley Thiel, grief and loss expert, and part of the organization KinderMourn.  Kathy and Kiley discuss a range of traditional types of loss, including […]

Community Mental Health Resources with Aixa Rodriguez-Mariana

Too often, we or someone we know, is in need of mental health services, but we just don’t know how or where to find help. Today, Kathy talks with Dr. Aixa Rodriguez-Mariana, mental health and autism advocate and Program Manger for Healthy Learners of Georgetown, South Carolina.  Aixa details two different ground-breaking community-base programs. Healthy […]

How are kids thinking about the Coronavirus?

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Letting Kids Create a Narrative with Molly Barker

As parents we can often push too hard and want to control the conversation with our children. But being open and really listening creates a space for them to find their own solutions.  My guest today is the amazing Molly Barker, author, triathlete, and founder of Girls on the Run. We discuss the incredible lessons she learned […]

Creating Connection With Your Kids

“How can I get more than an “I’m fine.” or “Okay.” from my kids?” In our stressful and busy lives, it can be difficult to prioritize time with our kids. Gina Trimarco, of the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast, joins Kathy today as they explore how to engage with your children on a […]

Introducing Dealing and Feeling with Kathy Redwine

Dealing and Feeling is the podcast dedicated to creating a culture of conversations with kids and give parents, other caregivers, teachers and custodians tools for discussing challenging topics and feelings with kids. Hosted by Kathy Redwine, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC. Subscribe and join us each week for a brand new episode.  Connect with […]

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