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Hate Is Too Great a Burden to Bear with Laura and Colin Stevens

Join Kathy today in a personal and emotionally honest conversation with her guests, Laura and Colin Stevens. Colin met Laura in college where he played basketball, and the two discuss how their relationship grew. They continue speaking to Kathy about being parents and having difficult conversations dealing with race, stereotypes, identity, empathy, and navigating those […]

Christy Keating – The Heartful Parent

This show is all about helping parents and kids through difficult conversations. Well today’s show is about some very difficult subjects and luckily Kathy has Christy Keating here to make it a little easier.  Christy Keating is a former deputy prosecutor and now she is a speaker, parent coach and educator and sexual abuse prevention […]

Boys Alive with Janet Allison

You treat all of your kids the same right? Not so fast. Boys and girls are different in many ways, and how they communicate and react is just the beginning. Janet Allison spent years of tireless work and research to bring incredible insight into the development and positive interaction with boys.  Kathy welcomes Janet, the […]

Parent Coaching with Sara Cole

Adoption is a gift to both couples and children. But this gift can come with unexpected challenges for all involved, and parents can often find themselves without the resources to help guide them through the hurdles they face.  Kathy welcomes Sara Cole, an adoptive parent coach, to today’s show to help direct parents in a […]

Differently Wired with Debbie Reber

In our society we often divide people into those we view as “normal” and those that are different, challenging, or disruptive. But today’s guest has devoted herself to changing our preconceived notions of “normal.” Debbie Reber is the author of the incredible book, Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World.  She is also the […]

Gratitude and Hope

This episode is releasing December 31st, 2020 and I think many of us are ready to kick this year in the rear! But before we do I’d like to express gratitude to the people that have made this year bearable, to the people who have to endure unthinkable loss and done it with grace and […]

Finding Peace and Common Ground with Sahmil Idriss

We live in a polarized country, and a conflict-filled world. But today on the show, Kathy welcomes a life-long friend who brings a world view to living more harmoniously together, no matter our differences.  This episode originally aired July 16th, 2020 Sahmil Idriss is the CEO of Search For Common Ground. Their organization works to […]

The Pride Guide with Jo Langford

You cannot miss today’s episode. Every listener has a connection with someone in the LGBTQA+ community, or they will at some point in their lives. Often people can be a bit hesitant or worried that they may not use the right terms when talking about someone who is transgender or non-binary, etc…  Today’s guest is […]

The Redwine Family Hour – Anger

Today is another fun episode with the Redwine family, talking about a complex emotion – anger. We all feel it in varying degrees, and some deal with it responsibly and others have absolutely no control of it.  Kathy and her family talk about the many facets of anger and how it can effect our bodies, […]

Bodies and Boundaries with Amy Lang

Have you ever caught your pre-schooler playing doctor with a friend and just yelled “Stop doing that!!!” and then never spoke about it again? Well, you’re not alone. But what do you say? What do you do? Kathy’s guest today is here to give you all the information you need to know. Amy Lang is […]

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