COVID Parent, Student, Teacher Roundtable with Gabby Smychynsky, Paul Hogan, Kim Tatro

Today is a very special show, that gives a look into how life during the time of social distancing is effecting those in higher education. Kathy welcomes three wonderful guests from Coastal Carolina University (CCU) –  Gabby Smychynsky, a college senior and division one athlete, Kimberly Tatro, a college professor, and Paul Hogan, a division one soccer coach. 

Gabby discusses the disappointment of not having a true graduation, how to stay positive and fill her time, and feeling like she’s been climbing up a mountain, only to find there’s no top. Kimberly explains the challenge of giving students continuity and maintaining connections. And Paul explains his focus on sustaining players confidence for what lies ahead, and that this time away gives the athletes an opportunity to stop and think about what they really want moving forward. 

More on todays guests:

NAME: Paul Hogan
BIO: In 11 seasons as head coach of CCU Women’s soccer team, his record is 111 wins – 85 ties – 19 losses. He is a 3-time Conference Coach of the Year.

NAME: Gabby Smychynsky
BIO: Attended CCU beginning in 2016, majored in Elementary Education. Recognized on Coastal Carolina President’s list. 4-year Division 1 soccer at CCU.

NAME: Kimberly Tatro
BIO: Professor at CCU since 2015. Holds MS in Sport Science and BS in Sports Management

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